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14.08.14 News, About Navoi  
Young and beautiful city of Navoi is pride of Uzbekistan. Navoi was established on the great Silk Road, on the left banc  of the Zarafshan River in 1958. Navoi is a city of friendship  and  brotherhood, more than 80 nationalities live here in peace and  accord.
City of Navoi  brings great contribution in economy of Uzbekistan today.
Navoi  Mining and Metallurgical Plant decorated with an of "Dustlik gaffing progressive and up-to-date improvements of  science and techniques, providing unique advanced  technologies has become a great currency workshop of the country, a well-known large-scale enterprise of gold miming industry in the world. Work  process of "Navoi Hydro-Elektric Power Station is the deist guarantee for energy balance  of City of Navoi and the whole Navoi province.
None Central Asian enterprises of chemical and building industry couldnt complete with Navoi joint stock companies such as "Navoiyazot, "Elektrokhimzavod and  "Kizilkumtsement as equal competitors.

JOINT STOCK CJMPANY "KIZILKUMTSEMENT Navoi cement of brands doesnt have any analogues in Central Asia region. Annually the enterprise produces more than two million tones of building industry bread. The joint stock company takes the leading stand  in the profitableness and rate of wages.

Nowadays "Navoiyazot joint stock company produces more than 70 different views of organic and nonorganic chemicals. The primary of them are: ammonium nitrate and  ammonium sulfate, sulfate synthetic acetic food acid (essence), liquid chlorine, polyacrylonitrile fiber, sodium acetate, etc. Navoi chemists provide republican agricultural enterprises with mineral fertilizers, fulfill orders of gold-extractive industry,  light industry, electronic  and elektrotechnical  industry  and  other branches of national economy of Uzbekistan.

"NAVOI MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT  Is the largest enterprise  within the structure of Navoi  Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Plant.  lt deals with structure of  mining equipment, produces metal-working machine tools with programmed operation, washing machines "Desna and other variety products of common use.

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